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Published July 21, 2017

Where The Sidewalk Ends In Raleigh  [Page 2]

I-70/Glenwood Avenue between Duraleigh Road and Barrowood Drive

Something slightly different this time. There is a sidewalk visible across the street that ends just before the Original Mattress Factory. A short distance beyond that is Hilburn Drive, which leads to the Raleigh Grande cinema, the popular Lynwood Grill, and a Target. If anyone coming from the Pleasant Valley area wanted to see the new Marvel movie, they’d be more tempted to burn a few minutes worth of gas rather than walk.

More prominent in the picture is the corner cut into the sidewalk. Although regulations probably require it, it’s unclear who would use it for its intended purpose. There are no adjoining sidewalks, the median is all grass, and the crosswalks in the nearby intersection point foot traffic in the opposite direction. This corner cut exists to intend walkability, but falls short of being practical.


Hollyridge Drive between Oak Park and I-70/Glenwood

Unlike other entries on this list, this sidewalk stop seems more practical. Just past the motel on the left is the Oak Park neighborhood, which has higher amounts of vehicle traffic than most neighborhoods but is still safe to walk on the streets during most times of the day.

This small stretch of sidewalk connects the end of the neighborhood to the Oak Park shopping center, which includes kid-friendly places like Capitol Comics, a Homeschool Gathering Place, and a dance studio. From there someone can walk all the way down to Crabtree Valley Mall, and either make a left or right to walk long stretches of unbroken sidewalk along Creedmoor Road and Edwards Mill Road, respectively. So this stretch is less of an end and more of a beginning.


Millbrook Road between Edwards Mill Road and Town And Country Road

When Harris Teeter opened up a location at the corner of Millbrook and Creedmoor, this sidewalk cut was installed. Like the cut on I-70/Glenwood, it doesn’t appear to connect to anything… yet. The orange fencing just past the parking lot exit indicates where, as of this writing, a new sidewalk is being set.

This new sidewalk is a welcome addition, given how worn and beaten-down the dirt path had become.

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