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Published July 21, 2017

Where The Sidewalk Ends In Raleigh  [Page 3]

Town And Country Road between Millbrook Road and Kingsley Road

There’s a short gap between where the sidewalk ends here and where it picks up again just before meeting Millbrook Road. The gap is filled mostly by slight drop to private property, and a washed-out, muddy incline just past Ricky Circle. It would be difficult, perhaps even dangerous, to walk this small stretch of no-man’s land at the wrong time.

Furthermore, the sidewalk breaks in the opposite direction too, leaving residents alongside Town And Country road something of a checkerboard path to walk on.


Leesville Road between Wynalda Way and Erinsbrooke Drive

Leesville Road is a long length of road joining two counties, so it makes sense that it would have more than a few entries on this list. This sidewalk falls just short of a construction zone on the left. In the distance, a couple of yellow signs indicate a school zone, where a new stretch of sidewalk begins on the opposite side of the street.

School age kids walking home along this part of Leesville face dangerous amounts of vehicular traffic at the wrong times of day.


Shady Grove Road between Kendall Ridge Court and Leesville Road

Sometimes it’s unclear who is responsible for installing sidewalks, when the property lies right at the border between counties. The sidewalk here doesn’t even stretch out to the road, instead seeming to mark the exact spot where Wake county ends and Durham county begins.

The northern tip of Brier Creek sits less than two miles away. Attempting to walk those two miles remains an adventure of trusting fast-paced vehicular traffic and grassy slopes. Often residents must stick to walking the very edge of the road, which slows traffic and sometimes causes fender-benders.

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