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Published April 16, 2017

Zelda History: 8 Hidden Breath of the Wild Locations

For urban explorers and Hyrule Historians, Breath of the Wild is a treasure trove of Easter Eggs and hidden locations from past Zelda games. I’ve spent hours riding Epona around the Hyrule landscape, discovering remnants of temples and towns, as well as locations with a special connection to previous games.

So for today, let’s be Indiana Jones instead of Link and dig into the history and archeology of Hyrule’s past–not only exploring these abandoned ruins and hidden places, but also extrapolating what these map locations and crumbled buildings tell us about the Great Calamity and Hyrule’s past.


1. Lon Lon Ranch Ruins

The Ranch Ruins are perhaps one of the saddest, most nostalgic locations in the game. Still sitting right where you left it in Ocarina of Time, Lon Lon Ranch’s skeleton frame and ashes can be explored in Hyrule Field, near the foot of the corrupted Hyrule Castle. Being that Lon Lon Ranch is so close to Calamity Ganon’s ground zero, it’s easy to imagine Epona’s old home was wiped out by Guardians and fires almost immediately. I rode through the ruins on Epona’s back, galloped through the fenced paddock where I once raced Ingo to gain her freedom.

I climbed through the burnt wreckage of the cucco barn, and stood atop the cobblestone silo where child Link once found a heart container. In the distance, I can see Hyrule Field, taken over by creeping Guardians, and Hyrule Castle, glowing an ominous red and black. Things have changed in Hyrule.

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